Tournai porcelain

François Joseph Péterinck (1719-1799) gave an incredible boost to the Imperial and Royal Porcelain Manufactory of Tournai and exported the pieces of crockery throughout Europe. A large number of pieces are treated with cobalt blue, including the “fly” decoration. They should not make you forget the polychrome or monochrome crockery, as well as shaped pieces. Located on the banks of the Scheldt to facilitate transport, the two Péterinck porcelain factories are located on the quai des Salines, left bank, and on the quai Dumon, right bank. It was the need for quality labour that justified the creation of the Academy of Fine Arts in Tournai in 1756. Charles Péterinck, son of François Joseph Péterinck, opened a factory on the Quai du Château, which he devoted mainly to everyday products, while his sister, Amélie, and his brother-in-law, Jean Maximilien de Bettignies, continued the business on the left bank. Bought by Boch Frères from La Louvière, the porcelain factories closed their doors in 1891. This space dedicated to porcelain bears the name of Amélie Péterinck. Together with her husband, she took over the company developed by her father. Upon the early death of her husband, she ran the company before handing it over to her children.