The kitchen

Like the forge space, the kitchen has been globally maintained, to keep alive the memory of museum practices in the 50s and 60s. As mistress in her kitchen, the elderly woman has, no doubt, gathered around her family souvenirs, including the three signed and dated portraits on the back: Léon Herbo (1850-1907). She is busy grinding the coffee while thinking about the next menu. A couple of papier-mâché dogs cast an eye over the room from atop the fireplace. A symbol of fidelity, they were offered to the newlyweds. A shotgun is hung within reach. Having become a grandmother, the lady is raising her first grandson, as indicated by the little rocking cot next to her and the children's chair at the end of the table. She is also an avid seamstress. Between the windows on the wall there is a shelf for storing plates.