Politics and the arts industries

The space devoted to political life includes busts, full length statues, commemorative medals and documents relating to the plural-voting elections of the time. Plural voting was mainly reserved for prominent businessmen, pensioners and people exercising liberal professions. Two major figures of Turin politicians are mentioned, Jules Bara (1835-1900), a liberal minister, and Barthélemy Dumortier (1797-1878), one of the founders of the newspaper Le Courrier de l'Escaut.  In the city, two monuments represent them standing. Their poses correspond to the “statuemania” characteristic of the 19th century and the beginning of the following century. On the columns hang portraits of members of the House of Representatives: François du Bus (1791-1873), Henri Julien Allard (1803-1882), Julien Allard and Barthélemy Dumortier. A document indicates the designation of Jacques Delvigne- Duvivier as president of the electoral college of the Tournai district. The document is signed and dated, Bonaparte (1769-1821).