Casterman: printing and publishing

For this showcase, the museum approached Étienne Pollet. Casterman by his mother, the former manager in charge of the translations of Tintin and Martine into endogenous languages, such as Picard, Alsatian. He prepared a case with a set of documents and objects relating to Casterman. Among them, some exceptional items, such as the two pictures of Tintin in the Land of the Soviets, Hergé's first adventure of the young reporter, or the half-pages of Tintin's adventures sent to the newspapers Nord Éclair and Le Soir and for publication in black and white. His cousin, Donat Casterman, donated a set of small printing materials, including a beautiful half keyboard. “Les Pinderloets de l'Castafiore” is the title of Lucien Jardez's translation into Picard of “The Castafiore Emerald”, a special edition that came off the presses to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Casterman Publishing in 1980. For her part, Anne-Florence Biltresse acquired as many works as possible by Pauline Braquaval née l’Olivier, a woman writer - which was far from frequent - with works published, among others, by Casterman. She donated the fruit of her years of searching.